Suitable Transport for Locksmiths

A question which staff at the centre frequently get asked is what is the best mode of transport for a trading locksmith to own.  Well there are a few options, car, van, pick up truck.  Many newbie locksmiths trade out of the back of their car which is ok, however sometimes there really is not enough space.  The instructors at the course tend to drive either a van or a pick up truck.  There are various different sizes of vans available on the market, some locksmiths buy transit vans as they set up key cutting machines in them.

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A lot comes down to your financial situation, the advice from the locksmith trainers is to buy as new a van as possible to avoid unreliability and high garage bills.  Also it may be a good idea to get the van sign written as it will attract business your way and also looks professional.

Just make sure what ever vehicle you decide on it can carry your large selection of locks!!!

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