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We are led to believe that the average house price is 180 thousand pounds. However most people do not consider their house security even though they are spending huge amounts of money on a house. A recent survey indicates that most second hand houses have 13 keys for all the locks. So the question is have you got all 13 keys, if not who has?

At Key Services Locksmith training we will advise students on creating moving house packages which will benefit any one moving house. Locksmithing is not all about picking locks, there are many other avenues in which a locksmith can make extra income. We feel at the centre that house security is one of the most important issues for a locksmith to consider. The packages are easy to develop and can be marketed in various ways such as on flyers or on a website. It is all about getting the public to think more seriously about home security because as they say "an Englishman's home is his castle".

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