Locksmith Suppliers

As a newbie locksmith it is imperative that you know where to source all your tools and parts from.  At the centre we will give you a list of suitable suppliers.  Some suppliers only sell to the trade, so they will ask you for a copy of your certificate.  Just simply photocopy it and send it to them, once you have done this they will reveal their prices. 

Most suppliers will deliver next day which is useful as it means you can complete your job quickly and most importantly get paid!!!  Certain suppliers only stock a limited range of locks, parts or tools whereas the bigger suppliers often have a few catalogues full of items.  Due to the nature of being a locksmith it is useful to have a few booklets to give you access to a good range of materials.

The locksmith trainers will also be able to tell students if they have any local suppliers who have a trade counter, which they can visit which will save on paying any carriage!!!

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