Commercial work

There is a lot of commercial work to be had as a locksmith, however getting it is not always easy.  Key services locksmith trainers have all done a lot of commercial over the years.  Quite often you can end up with a good commercial contact by a chance meeting or phone call with an MD of a company.  As a self employed locksmith you need to make sure that you sell yourself well to any perspective customers. 

Once you have a good contact at a company, you need to make sure that every job that you carry out is of a high standard and a reasonable price.  The locksmith trainers have seen many locksmiths who overcharge companies as they think that they can afford, believe us when we say that you will be soon caught out and the company will not use your services any more.  The only downside with commercial work is the work can be very varied and a lot of stock is needed and also you will defiantly need to order parts on a regular basis.

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